Developing apps for Android Auto

04/28/2016 - 12:00 to 12:45
Stage C

Session abstract: 

When we first heard about Android Auto, we had visions of an awesome smartphone/car integration in mind. Unfortunately the current use cases for apps are limited to music and texting and we have no access to vehicle data (e.g. GPS position, speed, engine type). The development of Android Auto apps is straightforward for the given use cases and your music or texting app can be easily extended to the Android Auto context. Nevertheless we found some pitfalls that we would like to share. Android Auto is bleeding edge: APIs, development tools, etc. are changing fast, documentation is rare and toolkits are still unstable. Testing the app on real car head units is difficult.


We will give you an introduction into different smartphone vehicle integration concepts and present you Android Auto with its APIs, tools and development workflow:

Everything you need to start developing your first Android Auto app.