Running a design sprint

04/28/2016 - 11:15 to 12:00
Stage C

Session abstract: 

Design Sprint is a useful time-constrained five-day exercise that uses design thinking to reduce the risks in bringing a product to market.
Sprints have become an industry-standard shortcut to learning without building and launching. The processes eliminates endless stakeholder debates and crunches months of work into one intense but rewarding week.

Day 1 is all about bringing together key stakeholders from various disciplines within your organization and establishing what the problems we’ll be tackling are.

Day 2 is when the Five team will begin to unpack the established problems from the previous day and lead the entire group in sketching sessions. The goal is to reach a high level approach to solving the main objective of the sprint.

Day 3 is when we again put the pencil to the paper as a group and concepts start to come to life. Everyone participates and sketches. We start the day by validating all previous progress, and continue in more fidelity.

On day 4 of the sprint Five’s our designer and our creative director sit down and design wireframes for 8+ hours. On two meetings over that timespan we share progress with key stakeholders and go over some of the details we need to buff out.

The final day: the moment of truth! We test prototypes in a fully-equipped user-testing facility or location where can we can observe user behaviors and record their feedback and reactions.