Open Devices Project – Open Source on Sony Devices

04/29/2016 - 12:00 to 12:45
Stage A

Session abstract: 

Sony’s Open Devices program allows every developer, from novice to advanced, to build and customize 2014+ devices with open source software using minimal pre-compiled binaries, while using as much open source code as possible. This kind of approach enables any developer to implement new customizations, security enhancements, and power or speed optimizations, since everything is built from open source code. With Open Devices, you can easily port any Custom (Android or Android Based) ROM to all supported devices, since all devices use the same 3.10 kernel tree and same prebuilt libraries. To recognize open source developers who are actively contributing, we have initiated the Hero Developer reward program. Want know more about it and our Open Devices Project? Join us at this session and talk with our developers!