How Visual Design Makes or Breaks Mobile App UX

04/29/2016 - 17:00 to 17:45
Stage B

Session abstract: 

Don’t rely on visual design to compensate for otherwise bad user experience but on the other hand don’t ignore it because that could be even worse. Visual design of an app affects us on emotional and functional levels both. Being aware why and how visual design has a great impact on user’s overall experience of the mobile app and what are the reasons it’s equally important as usability will help you design and build apps that your users will love.
We connect and engage with apps on emotional level and as human beings we are attracted by aesthetically pleasing things. We also find them more trustworthy. But what beauty is, and can we objectively define it? What shapes our perception on beauty and how trends make an influence on it?
Additionally, when it comes to UX, visual design is not just making interfaces eye candy. We are using it to draw user’s eyes to functional elements by creating hierarchy on screen using size, positions, colors, white spaces, typography etc. Visual hierarchy is important because it communicates and organizes information, guiding us to take actions and make interactions.

In this talk I’ll explain how our visual perception works, and what are the main visual design principles we can rely on to build consistent, eye pleasing and functional mobile app interfaces that will make better mobile app UX.