How to test Android Apps

04/28/2016 - 13:15 to 14:00
Stage C

Session abstract: 

At Kupferwerk we build native mobile apps like or 7TV. We create apps that have a lot of users and are in constant development. To assure short release cycles and to reduce quality assurance costs, automated testing is essential. In web development processes testing is an integral element, whereas in mobile  things look a bit different. The available tools are old, incomplete and cumbersome. Usually, Unit Tests need to be run on an emulator or a real device and achieving test cycles below 30 seconds is difficult.
This talk will present how Kupferwerk developers approach the testing of our apps, how we write Unit Tests, how we use automated UI-Testing and how this is an essential part in our continuous integration system. We will also give a close insight in the meaning of test coverage on mobile apps and where testing has proven to be beneficial.