All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

04/28/2016 - 18:00 to 18:45
Stage B

Session abstract: 

Technology is evolving fast, too fast to catch up with all the new stuff you are not actually working with; except you don't have a private life and don't need sleep at all.

Thousands of programmers are every day working on new libraries, new apis, new tools and other cool technologies that you, a single person with a single brain, need to learn.

At troido we allways have put the learning and the expertise on the first place, moving forward together with the technology.

In the last 2 years as our projects grew and grew we found ourselves working more and more without the time for learing and for ourselves.

Visiting tech conferences every few month just is not enough. Reading a tech blog on the weekends is just not that deep.

We decided to reduce the amount of days we work on client projects to 4 and use the fridays for learning.

When we talk to other tech companies, the same questions pop out:

* Are 4 days á 8 hours enough to deliver projects on time?

* How to convince the client that this is not a mad idea and to not end all relationships with you.

* One day less a week is one day less to charge the clients, per programmer. Why should I loose all the money?

* Can I not just make my programmers work the usual 80-100 hours and then make them learn on the weekends?

* Why should I invest all the time/money into a programmer? He will take it with him if he leaves and I'll have nothing.


This talk will show you how to run a technology company with modern working times combining learning and working and making your employees happy, because happy coders write happy code.